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Of Tutoring...

tor |ˈt(y)o͞otər|


a private teacher, typically one who teaches a single student or a very small group.

• chiefly Brit. a university or college teacher responsible for the teaching and supervision of assigned students.

• an assistant lecturer in a college or university.


I enjoy working with individuals rather than in a classroom environment. Reaching online masses and attaining popular notoriety doesn't interest me. This leaves tutoring and small workshops as my preferred format.

I am not a material person so as long as I can maintain the bare necessities in life I am happy. Because of this my pricing is very simple and affordable.

Of The Necessity For Fees...


I honestly hate money and the need for it; but society has, during the past thousands of years, placed its devotion on wealth. Like everyone else I am forced to trade a monetary value for food and other necessities of life. My fees are fair, affordable, and simple. I have also been known to barter.



 Per hour to discuss anything you desire. Anything. After a few hours this defaults to the daily rate.



8 hour day of tutoring and 30 days of email support.



Weekend workshop.

Many options here depending on what you would like to learn. Here are some examples of what we could do.


Editing Workshop:

2 days of photo capture and editing in any software of your choice.


Nature Photography Workshop:

Two days of on-location nature photography with some time set aside for editing if you like.


Studio Photography Workshop:

Two days of lighting, posing, or product photography with time set aside for editing if you like.



2 Students for a weekend workshop.

Don't want to take a class alone? This package is for couples or friends that would like to take a class together.